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Reveal Hidden Details On Local Businesses In Any Niche, Any Part Of The World

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What is Local Leader? 

Local Leader is a revolutionary lead-generation software that uses Deep-Crawling Engine technology to find ACTIVE leads and provides users with the most important data points. 

It has a built-in client outreach module for cold messaging to reach & close local clients - ALL from one dashboard.

With extensive data, users can get the full picture of the business, allowing them to craft the right offers for the right prospects.

What Makes Local Leader Better Than Other Lead-Gen Tools On The Market?

  • Local Leader finds leads from Google, Facebook, Instagram, Google search, maps, and so on.
  • The software provides up to 20+ data points that no other software in the market currently does.
  • Gives retargeting data - if a business is spending $$ on retargeting.
  • It gives ads marketing data (if a business is running ads)
  • Checks if a business has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Messenger, a website, domain info, email hosting, and what not
  • Local Leader has built-in cold email system
  • Outreach Tracker: Tracks opens and clicks to optimize your outreach.
  • Unlike many other tools on the market, Local Leader comes for a low one-time price 

Local Business ABCs 

Name, phone, and email address of the business

Business Logo

Gives a snapshot of the logo of the business. Many businesses have logos that are of poor quality - an open door to sell a brand overhaul service


Instantly know if a business has a LinkedIn presence. From the app, you can go over to a business’ LinkedIn profile and see how the company is structured or offer services for creating/optimizing a business profile

Google Position

excellent for the people who offer high-end SEO services.

Ratings and Review Counts

Instantly know the ratings of a local business and their review count - very important info for offering reputation management (leads with fewer ratings) as well as review generation (leads with low review count) services.


Quickly check if a business is running ads on different advertising platforms and determine if a business has the disposable income to spend on marketing, so you can offer these leads custom-tailored paid advertising services.


Get to know if a business is spending on retargeting. Offer these leads a variety of services such as conversion optimization services so they make more from their remarketing budget.

Email Hosting

Find out who is hosting the email of the business (ie GSuite, Outlook, Zoho, etc) then create tailored services for such clients.

Domain Info

 With domain info that works for .com/.net only, users can view expiry & registration dates, nameserver provider, and registrar info.



Search by a keyword and enter your target audience filters



Our powerful Deep-Crawling Engine utilizes more than 20 data points



Local Leader will send an email to your targeted and now qualified prospect to offer to provide the service that they are most in need of.

Intuitive & easy-to-use dashboard


to find new leads or access the previous searches.

View detailed information for each lead


Get essential information about each lead that no other lead finder can provide

Lead-gen search engine


to search by keyword and location (anywhere in the world)

One-click access 


to the lead’s website, FB page, LinkedIn profile, Twitter, Instagram… 

Built-in leads manager


to bookmark your leads and make sure that you're growing your list with the right people

Built-in cold email sender


to reach out to your leads and turn them into prospects by sending a cold email from inside the software

DFY cold email templates


used by the sales experts to understand what works for the pros while building your email prospecting strategy

Built-in Outreach Tracker


Track how your sent emails are performing - opens, no opens and clicks from within the app. This allows you to optimize your cold emails to perfection.

Commercial/Agency rights


are included so you can sell services provided by Local Leader

Run and scale your own agency with our brand new tool. This new agency tool will help you manage and build your agency. Take control and build your agency with our brand new system.

  • Easy management of orders and sales
  • Manage and build your leads
  • Custom reports for sales activity
  • Invoice module with QR code
  • Build and manage your product list
  • And much more

This will be a monthly fee when it launches but lock this in today as a bonus before this amazing opportunity expires.

Control every aspect of your agency with Agency Build from leads to sales everything is in and ready to go.

Control your order from new ones to converted sales and cover everything, every step of the way.

Instantly see how much each lead and contact is worth to you as they grow.

Full calendar to track, meetings, calls, promotions, launches, and sales.

Keep a full check of how your leads are growing and preforming on a daily basis.

Keep a full check of how your sales are growing and preforming on a daily basis.

And Many More Features To Grow Your Agency

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